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Verze 6.20


*) cert scep - use fingerprints for transaction ids;
*) ipsec - support fqdn as my id;
*) fetch - allow fetching files larger than 4G;
*) fetch - fixed problem where files fetched over https were trimmed in size;
*) fixed problem - it was not possible to see %26 uninstall dude package;
*) stores are replaced with folders and disks are now managed under /disk menu;
*) added support for SMSC750x USB Gigabit Ethernet on x86;
*) ups - support selftest for smart and hid UPS;
*) pppoe client - increase connection timeout to make connection establishment
possible on busy pppoe server;
*) dhcp server - change default lease time from 3 days to 10 minutes
to avoid running out of IPs;
*) ipsec - allow binding modeconf address to username;
*) eoip/eoipv6/gre/gre6/ipip/ipipv6/6to4 tunnels have new features:
auto mtu (enabled by default for new tunnels);
dscp (inherit/specific value, inherit by default for new tunnels);
clamp-tcp-mss (yes by default for new tunnels);
*) eoip/gre/ipip/6to4 tunnels have dont-fragment option (inherit/no, no by default for new tunnels);
*) bridge has auto mtu feature (enabled by default for new bridges);
*) pppoe-server has auto mtu feature (enabled by default for new pppoe servers);

Tato verze byla výjimečná, především tím, že byla dlouho otevřená jako RC a měla se připomínkovat.


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